Formerly known as "Info-tabac", Smoke-Free Montreal* was founded in the fall of 1994 in order to promote and support, from a public health perspective, the spread of information on tobacco issues.

It is worth repeating that according to a Health Canada estimate, endorsed by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, tobacco kills about thirty Quebecers every day (10,400 deaths for the 2002 reference year), as a result of cancer, heart failure and lung disease.

*The new name "Smoke-Free Montreal", a non-profit organization, was registered in January 2013 to avoid any confusion with our previous website and Info-tabac magazine, which were transferred to a new publisher.



Info-tabac No. 92, 93 and 94

The publication of 94 issues of Info-tabac magazine (in French), from its launch in 1996 until its transfer in October 2012 to the Canadian Cancer Society - Quebec Division, which continues to publish it. From 2004 to 2012, the magazine appeared an average of five times a year, with press runs of more than 5,000 copies. Accurately summarizing the most recent developments regarding tobacco issues, each 16-page magazine contained numerous colour illustrations.
These 137 issues, from 1996 to 2019, are on the Library and Archives Canada website:


Info-tabac website in 2012

Publishing the website, from its launch in 2000 until October 2012 when it was turned over to the Canadian Cancer Society - Quebec Division, which currently maintains it. This site consisting of more than 1,300 pages includes every issue of Info-tabac magazine in HTML format (nos. 1 to the present) and as PDFs (no. 95 to the present). It registered over 128,000 visits in 2011.


World Cancer Congress - Montreal 2012

Participation, with booths, in several scientific conferences covering tobacco issues, including the first International Francophone Conference on Tobacco Control (Montreal, September 2002), the eighth Quebec Annual Public Health Days (Montreal, December 2004), the fourth National Conference on Tobacco or Health (Ottawa, June 2005), the second International Francophone Conference on Tobacco Control (Paris, September 2005), the sixth National Conference on Tobacco or Health (Montreal, November 2009), the seventh National Conference on Tobacco or Health (Toronto, November 2011) and the 22nd World Cancer Congress (Montreal, August 2012).

Tobacco Info No. 8, 9 and 10

▪ The publication of 10 issues of the Tobacco Info magazine, the pancanadian English version of our former Info-tabac magazine, from its launch in June 2010 to its last issue in August 2012. Since the withdrawal of Health Canada's financial support, we have been looking for an organization that would agree to continue to publish Tobacco Info. Our 10 issues are available at


Mumbai, March 2009

On-site reporting for our magazines on several major world events related to smoking, including four World Conferences on Tobacco or Health (Chicago 2000, Washington 2006, Mumbai 2009 and Singapore 2012), the United Nations Summit on Non-communicable Diseases (New York 2011) and the World Cancer Congress (Montreal 2012).

Advertorial - 2008

▪ The publication in the fall of 2008 of a series of five one-page Informational Advertisements (in French) in three popular Quebec magazines (Le Lundi, 7 jours and Moi & Cie). The topics included cigarette smuggling, the dangers of smoking, cigarillos, the fight against tobacco and how to quit smoking.


Saint-Pierre Centre, Montreal, 1995

Promoting the innovative (and graphic) Health Canada warnings now shown on cigarette packages. In 1995, a campaign of support in several publications. In 2003, the publication of a special booklet explaining the first illustrated health warnings.


Team Player's

▪ Opposition to tobacco industry sponsorphip of sporting, recreational and cultural events. Unique documentation on this topic, appearances before parliamentary committees, various presentations and submissions. Beginning in 1988, the Canadian and Quebec governments gradually enacted laws prohibiting such sponsorships. In 2003, these sponsorships completely disappeared.


From the Smoke-Free Montreal Collection

Collection of photographs, advertisements, video recordings, and archives related to smoking and the fight against the tobacco industry. At the Montreal courthouse in April 2013, material drawn from our collection was introduced as evidence in Quebec class actions suits against the major tobacco companies.


Our French-language services (magazine, website, informational advertisements) were to a large extend supported by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. As for the Tobacco Info magazine, it benefited from the support of Health Canada. Several private firms and health agencies have also provided funding to us.


Denis Côté, founder, who still acts as part-time coordinator.

Francis Thompson, senior editor of Info-tabac issues 1 to 26 (1996 to 1999). Since then, Mr. Thompson was active in the fight against tobacco, in Canada and internationally. He is currently Executive Director of the Framework Convention* Alliance (* of the World Health Organization). See:

Josée Hamelin, senior editor of the Info-tabac issues 43-72 (2003 to 2008). Ms. Hamelin is now the communications coordinator for the Association des chefs en sécurité incendie du Québec, after having been editor-in-chief of magazines on the automotive industry.

Pierre Croteau, senior editor of Info-tabac issues 73-90 (2008 to 2012). Mr. Croteau now authors a blog on trials against the tobacco industry, particularly Quebec class action suits.

Anick Labelle, senior editor of Info-tabac issues 91 to 94 (2012). Ms. Labelle continues this work, now with the Canadian Cancer Society - Quebec Division.

 ▪ Joe Strizzi, Joanne Brown, Geoffrey Lansdell and Mel Lefebvre worked on the publication of Tobacco Info, the pancanadian English version of Info-tabac, published from 2010 to 2012.

Gabriela Blenchea, administrative assistant from 2010 to 2012. She is now office administrator with the Chief Scientist of Quebec.

The Info-tabac and Tobacco Info magazines are each supported by an editorial committee that proposes subjects and revises texts prior to publication. These committees are composed of professionals from various organizations involved in tobacco control.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (as of August 28, 2020)

▪ Mr. Patrice Bilodeau, President

▪ Ms. Josée Hamelin, Vice-President

▪ Mr. Denis Côté, Secretary

▪ Mr. Gérard Coupal, Treasurer

▪ Mr. Kevin Gagné, Advisor


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